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Kremlin including Armory and Diamond Fund Private Tour

A visit to Moscow will not be complete without a full tour of the Moscow Kremlin. Visit the Kremlin Cathedrals, Armory Chamber and Diamond Fund and explore the rich history of Imperial Russia. Discover all the major sights of the Kremlin and see a stunning collection of weapons, jewels, Faberge eggs, imperial carriages, crowns and much more.
Kremlin including Armory and Diamond Fund Private Tour
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Adults (age 15-99)
Youth (age 1-14)
Visit to Diamond Fund
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* The Kremlin is closed on Thursdays

* The Diamond Fund part of the tour is conducted with an audio guide due to the Kremlin restrictions
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Hotel pickup
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Flexible timing
Duration: 3-4 hours
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Easy cancellation
Tour highlights

Inside Kremlin

Go inside the Kremlin the largest fortress in Europe still in use today and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Find out how Kremlin was camouflaged during World War II and avoided destruction.
Kremlin Trinity Tower

State Kremlin Palace

Pass by the State Kremlin Palace nowadays used as an elite concert hall and a ballet performance venue.

Discover what was the buildings original purpose.
State Kremlin Palace

Senate Palace

Take a picture with the view of Vladimir Putin's office in the background.

Get an understanding of Russian political history from U.S.S.R. to the Russian Federation.
Senate Palace

Tsar Cannon

Marvel at the largest bombard by caliber (35 inches) in the world.

Find out why there are still continuous debates on whether the 40-ton cannon has ever been fired or not.
Tsar Cannon

Tsar Bell

Find out what caused a huge crack in the largest bell in the world.

Discover why the bell was buried in the ground for over a hundred years.
Tsar Bell

Ivan the Great Bell Tower

Admire the 81-meter-tall bell tower that was the highest building in Russia until the XVIII century.

Learn about the legend of how Napoleon Bonaparte failed to destroy the tower.
Ivan the Great Bell Tower

Assumption Cathedral

Admire the oldest church of Moscow and arguably the most important church in Russia.

Marvel at the ancient frescoes and chandeliers made from silver captured back from the fleeing Napoleon army.
Assumption Cathedral

Cathedral Square

Soak in the atmosphere of the Square were coronations and funeral processions of all Russian tsars, patriarchs and Grand Dukes of Moscow took place.

Visit the Archangel's Cathedral, the shrine of Russian czars and Annunciation Cathedral private home church of the czars.
Cathedral Square


Visit the former Russian Imperial Treasury - now one of the richest museum collections in the world.

Admire an incredible display of ancient swords, imperial carriages, horse ceremonial harnesses, crowns and much more.
Kremlin Armoury

Faberge Eggs and Monomakh Cap

Marvel at the largest collection of Imperial Faberge eggs (10 eggs), czar thrones and other royal regalia.

See the legendary Monomakh Cap – the ultimate symbol of Russian autocracy and Byzantine heritage.
Faberge Egg

Diamond Fund

Relish the collection of jewelry masterpieces of the 18th-20th centuries, including rare precious stones, royal insignia, and The Great Imperial Crown.

Learn the legend of the famous Orlov Diamond and how it was acquired by Catherine the Great.
Russian Imperial Crown in Diamond Fund

Grand Kremlin Palace

Pass by the Grand Kremlin Palace used for state and diplomatic receptions and official ceremonies.

Learn about the grand project of Catherine the Great that almost led to the destruction of the Kremlin Wall.
Grand Kremlin Palace

View from the Kremlin Wall

Enjoy the incredible view from the Kremlin walls across the Moscow river and eclectic architectural landscape developed over many centuries.
View from the Kremlin Wall
Our guests love us
Tanya did an excellent job. She was very personable and got us through the entrances easily. She directed us to the most important sites of the Armory and at the same time we did not feel rushed or hurried. Enjoyed a rest at the cafe afterward to visit and people watch. Great!!!
Tatyana was entertaining on the tour and handled a difficult situation well to ensure we were not disadvantaged. Was good to have her guide us.
Was really enjoyable time. The guide was professional, knowledgeable, with excellent Italian language and friendly and intelligent style of communication. Was especially nice, that the "pickup" services means that the guide finds you at the hotel reception.
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