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Moscow Kremlin Private Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Visit the most notable attraction of Russia - Moscow Kremlin. Go inside the Kremlin Cathedrals, see the Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell and explore the history of ancient Russia.
Moscow Kremlin Private Tour
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Moscow Kremlin Tour highlights

Inside Kremlin

Go inside the Kremlin - the largest fortress in Europe still in use today and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

During your Kremlin tour find out how the complex was camouflaged during World War II and avoided destruction.
Kremlin Walls

State Kremlin Palace

Pass by the State Kremlin Palace nowadays used as an elite concert hall and a ballet performance venue.

Discover what was the buildings original purpose.
State Kremlin Palace

Senate Palace

Although Kremlin is the official residence of the Russian President he actually does not live here. However, you can still take a picture with the view of Vladimir Putin's office located in the Senate Palace.

During the Kremlin tour you will be able to get a better grasp on Russian political history from U.S.S.R. to the Russian Federation.
Senate Palace

Tsar Cannon

Marvel at the largest bombard by caliber (35 inches) in the world.

Find out why there are still continuous debates on whether the 40-ton cannon has ever been fired or not.
Tsar Cannon

Tsar Bell

Find out what caused a huge crack in the largest bell in the world.

Discover why the bell was buried in the ground for over a hundred years.
Tsar Bell

Ivan the Great Bell Tower

Admire the 81-meter-tall bell tower that was the highest building in Russia until the XVIII century.

Learn about the legend of how Napoleon Bonaparte failed to destroy the tower.
Marvel at the Ivan the Great Bell Tower

Annunciation Cathedral

Go inside the personal chapel of the Muscovite Tsars, whose abbot remained a personal confessor of the Russian Royal family until the 20th century.

Find out what happened to the Cathedral during the French occupation of Moscow in 1812.
Annunciation Cathedral

Cathedral Square

Soak in the atmosphere of the Square were coronations and funeral processions of all Russian tsars, patriarchs and Grand Dukes of Moscow took place.

The Kremlin entrance tickets will allow you to access all the cathedrals and spend there as much time as needed exploring the ancient mosaics and frescoes.
Cathedral Square

Assumption Cathedral

Go inside the Cathedral that is considered to be the mother church of Moscovite Russia and see the beautiful iconostasis that dates back to the 16th century.

Find out why Ivan the Terrible was crowned in this church back in 1547 and what legend surrounds this moment.
Visit the Assumption Cathedral

Archangel Cathedral

Visit the Archangel's Cathedral, the shrine of Russian czars and grand princess until the time of Peter the Great.

See the elaborate icons inside the Archangel Cathedral constructed by an Italian Architect Aloisio the New back in 1505.
Inside the Archangel Cathedral

Grand Kremlin Palace

Pass by the Grand Kremlin Palace used for state and diplomatic receptions and official ceremonies.

Learn about the grand project of Catherine the Great that almost led to the destruction of the Kremlin Wall.
Grand Kremlin Palace

View from the Kremlin Wall

Enjoy the incredible view from the Kremlin walls across the Moscow river and eclectic architectural landscape developed over many centuries.

If you would like to go inside the Kremlin museums such as the Armoury Chamber and Diamond Fund we have a separate tour that includes a visit to both of these sights.
View from the Kremlin Wall

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Customer Reviews about Moscow Kremlin Private Tour
  • Great tour to get to know the main things about the Kremlin and its area. The guide was really kind and spoke really good English. The tour is great for those trying to better understand the complexities of Russian history and how it came to be. After doing the tour of the Kremlin we also visited the Armoury Chamber the next day with our guide from the Kremlin tour.
  • Just wonderful! Although you will probably not be able to meet the President of Russia - it is still definitely worth a visit). Actually, the Kremlin tour is a great way to see all the main sights and avoid the long lines to buy the tickets as the Kremlin tickets were prebought by the tour company beforehand. After the end of the tour our guide walked around the Red square with us and we ate ice cream at the GUM - what a treat:).
  • Was really enjoyable time. The guide was professional, knowledgeable, with excellent Italian language and the Kremlin Tour could not have been more perfect. We ended up booking 3 more tours with this company when we traveled to St.Petersburg.
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