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Moscow Must See Private Tour

Enjoy a private walking tour of Russia's capital, with a visit to both the Kremlin and Red Square. This tour offers a comprehensive overview of Moscow's top attractions.
Moscow Must See Private Tour
Total Tour Price
Adults (age 15-99)
Youth (age 1-14)
Include visit to Kremlin Grounds and Cathedrals
* The Kremlin is closed on Thursdays
Hotel Pickup
Flexible timing
Duration: 3 - 4 hours
Tour highlights

Alexander's Garden

Discover one of the most notable memorials to World War II (Great Patriotic War) and see the changing of the guards.

Enjoy a stroll along the Kremlin walls and find out what the Kremlin looked like before the current red brick was used in its construction.
Alexander's Garden

Inside Kremlin (optional)

Go inside the Kremlin where the Russian Czars were crowned and some of the most fateful decisions in world history were made.

See the famous Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell and find out why they were constructed and how they were eventually used.
Cathedrals Square in Kremlin

Red Square

Soak in the atmosphere of the most famous tourist attraction in Moscow and find out why the Square is actually named Red (Hint: it has nothing to do with the color of the cobblestone).

See the most notable attractions of the Red Square including Lenin's Mausoleum, Monument to Minin and Pozharsky and Lobnoye Mesto.
Red Square

History Museum (outside)

Marvel at the magnificent structure of the Russian State History Museum that stands next to another notable building – Museum of War of 1812 with Napoleon.

Find out what was the significance of neo-Russian architectural style and what famous artists put the finishing strokes inside the museum.
History Museum


Go inside the most posh and luxury store of Czar Russia, Soviet Russia and modern day Russia and find out what Stalin wanted to put in its place.

Learn why this was the place that many Soviet citizens came to from all over the U.S.S.R. to buy anything they needed.

St. Basil's Cathedral (outside)

Take a picture with the most famous Russian church while your guide will tell you a tale of the tragic fate of the cathedral's architects.

Find out who ordered the construction of the Cathedral and what event was this church supposed to commemorate.
St. Basil's Cathedral

Nikolskaya Street

Discover the story behind the name of one of the oldest streets in Moscow where numerous prominent buildings are located including an old monastery.

Explore the shortest (100 meters) and the most expensive side street in Moscow – Tretyakovskiy Proezd.
Nikolskaya Street

The Bolshoi Theater (outside)

Admire one of the most famous theaters in the world where the marvelous Russian ballet originated.

Find out why was it here that the Soviet Union was proclaimed and what is the significance of the Apollo horses on the rooftop of the Bolshoi Theater.
The Bolshoi Theater

Lubyanka Square

See the infamous building of the Soviet Secret police and listen to the stories about such people as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who were crushed by this repressive machine.

Find out why "Lubyanka" has become a household word and what happened to the notorious KGB after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Lubyanka Square

Rooftop of the Children Store

Enjoy the view of Moscow from the rooftop of the most notable children's store in Russia - Detskiy Mir (Children's World)!
Rooftop of the Children Store
Hi from our guide
Our guests love us
Oleg was a terrific guide. We visited central Moscow and I learned a great deal about architecture and Russian history I am a professional historian and I learned a great deal. It was nice to get a sense of the center of the city. Perfect for a first time visitor.
I requested a short tour of Kremlin complex as I was with my 12 yo son, and kids get bored quickly with history. Oleg, our guide picked us up from hotel on time. Oleg was energetic, friendly, and eager to show and explain about his city. We enjoyed our tour with him, and recommend using his services.
I had a marvellous tour. The guide arrived bang on time, spoke perfect English, showed me the fascinating sights of this wonderful city, and made the day so very memorable. The guide clearly knows his subject and feeds interesting insights at every turn. Money very well spent. Thank you – I enjoyed it.
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