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Walks With Folks
Walks With Folks
Our fun, engaging and knowledgeable guides will make your experience memorable through the stories you hear and the things you learn.
English Guide
To be a tour guide has been my dream since childhood. I consider myself a very happy person because I do what I really love. Russia is rich in history and traditions and it's truly exiting to explore it. I do my best to make every tour special, memorable and full of joy for my guests.
Spanish Guide
I am Margarita but many just call me Margo. I love history and adore the city that I live in – Saint-Petersburg. As a guide I can share my knowledge while helping tourist become mesmerized by my city and country. I try to avoid routine and mundane tours, so, I add something special to every excursion that I do.
English Guide
In Saint-Petersburg I am a guide, in any other city I am a guest just like you and I have the same questions about art, history, traditions, music and other things! I believe, the most important things in life are impressions and experiences. Be my guest :)
German Guide
My dear guests, my name is Alex and I am a native of Saint-Petersburg. I love my city and it's history and as a guide I am able to discover something new about my home every day. Join me on my quest of the city of the Czars and Revolutions!
French Guide
I am Elena and I would like to help you discover not only the soul and beauty of Saint-Petersburg but also it's style and cuisine. My goal is to get my tourist not to just visit my city once, but get them to come back many times and truly fall in love with this magical place.
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