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Moscow Metro Private tour

Moscow Metro is one of the most beautiful and unique subway systems in the world. On this tour you will discover the most famous stations of the Moscow metro, many of which are listed as cultural heritage sites. Also, you will learn how to use the metro like a local muscovite.
Moscow Metro Private Tour
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Duration: 2 hours
Tour highlights


Begin your tour with a station that was opened during the most difficult months of the Second World War

Learn what was the significance of the Moscow Metro during World War II
Novokuznetskaya metro station


Take a picture at the most beautiful and futuristic metro station in the world

Find out what meeting was held here on the 24th anniversary of the October Revolution
Mayakovskaya metro station


Learn the history and the concept of "brotherly people" and why it was so important in Soviet Union

Understand the history of Belarus through magnificent mosaics and sculptures
Belorusskaya metro station


Learn why Nikita Khrushchev insisted that the women wear sandals in the main mosaic of the station

Find out whose portrait was instead of the sun in the mosaic "World in Peace" and why it was removed
Novoslobodskaya metro station

Prospekt Mira

Discover the legend surrounding the marble used for the construction of this station and where it comes from

Marvel at the white marble columns topped by floral elements that symbolized the agricultural prosperity of Soviet Union
Prospekt Mira metro station


Visit one of the first opened stations – all the way back in 1935

Learn about the panels devoted to the struggle of the Russian people for independence, from Alexander Nevsky all the way to Soviet soldiers in World War II
Komsomolskaya metro station

Revolution Square

Find out why many students rub the nose of a dog of the "border guard with a dog" statue

Take a picture with any of the 20 bronze statues arranged in chronological order and that look "as alive as the living"
Revolution Square metro station


Discover what famous movie starting Milla Jovovich this metro station was featured in

Find out the history of the underground system of tunnels called "Metro-2" and why it is kept in great secret
Arbatskaya metro station


Enjoy the beautiful mosaics that describe the history of Ukraine as seen through the lens of Soviet Union

Learn about the legend of the Koltsevaya (Circle) line and why it is color coded brown on the map
Kievskaya metro station
Our guests love us
Absolutely brilliant. We were taken to 10 different stations by our helpful tour guide and were given plenty of time to take photos. Was given interesting information about the symbolistic artwork and history. Also we were able to request where we wanted to be 'dropped off' at the end of the tour.
The metro tour is totally worth your time and money. Oleg was our guide. What we saw would have been much less relevant without his knowledge and his willingness to go above and beyond so we could understand. To whom History matters, as it did for us, we should say that we had a great combination: the choice of the tour and the Guide that was allocated. Highly recommended.
We had a terrific metro tour with our guide Sergey. He gave us very profound insights into the history and architecture of the various stations. Also, all other questions about life in Moscow he answered very informatively. I highly recommend the metro tour!
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