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Russian Banya Experience in Historical Sanduny Baths

Duration: 3 hours
The Russian tradition of visiting the Bathing House has many myths around it, so why not visit the most famous Russian Banyas - Sandunóvskie Baths for the real Russian experience? Embark on a journey through time while cleansing your body and soul.
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Tour highlights

History of Sanduny Baths

Learn about the history of Sanduny Baths that date back all the way to 1808

Find out what love story surrounds Sandonovskie Baths and where the founder received the money to build them
Sanduny Baths Old Photo

Russian Bathing Traditions

Understand the Russian Bathing traditions and what exactly you need to do

Find out why you need a besom in a bath
Tourists in Russian Banya

Decor of Sanduny

Marvel at the beautiful mosaics and frescos in the hallways leading to the changing rooms

Admire the mixture of various styles that include: baroque, rococo and renaissance
Sanduny Baths Interior

Inside Sandunovskie Baths

Enjoy the luxury of either the male or female "Top Class"

Find out why Sanduny became a "social club" and one of the most popular places in 19th century Moscow
Sanduny Baths Interior

Steam Room

Visit the hot steam room, heated by wood just like hundred years ago

Use the oak or birch besom to cleanse your body
Steam Room in Sanduny Baths

Swimming Pool in Sanduny Baths

Dive in to the waters of a cool pool surrounded with frescos, making you feel as a Russia Czar or Roman Emperor

Enjoy this truly Russian experience while cleansing your body and soul
Swimming Pool in Sanduny Baths
Customer Reviews about Russia Banya Experience
Experience was the best. Oleg, our guide, went out of his way to make this an event to remember. His tour started with tons of information from our departure and continued all thru the day until we arrived back at our hotel. Do I recommend? DEFINITELY!!
Oleg was excellent! He was very knowledgeable and his English was perfect. I would highly recommend asking for Oleg as your guide. Banya was great and can't wait to go back.
The Sanduny Baths have been around since 1808 and should not be missed if you have time for a leisurely afternoon/evening in Moscow. Taking the guide was essential for me as most of the attendants in the baths do not speak any language but Russian, so an English speaking guide who explained everything was essential for me.
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