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Hidden Gems of Saint-Petersburg urban and street food
Saint-Petersburg is most widely known for elaborate architecture and astounding museum collections. However, in the more recent years a more vibrant urban life has emerged in the city with a big part of it centered in the food markets. Below are some of the more famous markets that locals like to visit.

Kuznechny Market

Housed in a charming 1920s neoclassical building, Kuznechny Market has the reputation of selling the best meat, fruit and vegetables in St. Petersburg, and supplies several of the city's top restaurants. If you wish to visit a St. Petersburg market for the experience alone, this is one of the best, as well as being conveniently located.

This atmospheric market offers rows overflowing with fresh produce and the opportunity to try goods before you purchase. It's also the place to go for harder-to-find groceries such as goat's cheese or a whole goose. None of the traders at Kuznechny Market, nearly all of whom hail from the Caucasus, advertise fixed prices on goods, so you will need your wits about you to avoid overpaying. Even the most accomplished haggler will find prices at Kuznechny fairly high, however, but they are generally matched by the quality of the produce.

Sennoy Market

Cheaper and less atmospheric than Kuznechny Market, Sennoy Market is also centrally located. You'll find fruit and vegies, as well as freshly caught fish and fresh meat, which makes it a useful spot for self-caterers.

The market is also not only the oldest market in the city of Saint-Petersburg but it is here that the character of Dostoyevsky's master work - "Crime and Punishment" confessed his sins. So, if you are an admirer of Russian literature this will be a great place for you to visit, and also enjoy some food that is actually cheaper than the majority of touristy attractions in Saint-Petersburg.

Vasileostrovsky Market

Vasiliostorvsky market has become a symbol of the new and chic Saint-Petersburg that is sometimes might seem not as grand as Moscow. The market was completely revamped in 2019 turning a building constructed in 1959 as a basic Soviet Farmers Market into a historic marble trying to emphasize a certain city vibe.

The food is of the most variations from the Caucuses (such as Armenia and Georgia) to Korean and Vietnamese food. A few relatively famous niche Moscow restaurant brands are also present such as Crab Meet and Pio Nero that specialize on sea food and pasta respectively.

The new Vasiliostrovsky Market will be is the first market to be reconstructed the same way that many markets have been reorganized in Europe (Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid) and the many Moscow markets (Usachevsky Market or Danilovsky Market). Considering the popularity of this place - surely there will be more places opening up like this in the near future.

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