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Cosmonautics Museum and VDNKh Private Tour

Dive into one of the greatest battles between The Soviet Union and United States – The Space Race. Immerse yourself in the Soviet era by going back to the Cold War times while visiting the Cosmonautics museum and VDNKh.
Cosmonautics Museum and VDNKh Private Tour
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* Museum of Cosmonautics is closed on Mondays
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Duration: 4 hours
Tour highlights

Moscow Metro

Travel by metro and learn how the subway changed during the Cold War

Find out how Nikita Khruschev influenced the construction of the VDNKH metro station
VDNKh metro station old photo

Monument to the Conquerors of Space

Marvel at one of the tallest monuments in the world – "Monument to the Conquerors of Space"

Learn what significance the launch of "Sputnik" had with the construction of the monument
Monument to the Conquerors of Space

Air Space Museum

Visit one of the most famous Air Space Museums in the world with more than 3,500 exhibits

See the space suit of Yuriy Gagarin and learn about "Vostok" - the first spacecraft successfully launched into space
Air Space Museum

Mir Space Station

Go inside the replica of one of the compounds of the "Mir" (World) Space station

Soak in the atmosphere and imagine what it is like to live in space
"Mir" Space Station

Vostok Rocket Ship

Take a picture next to the "Vostok" life size rocket ship that helped put the first man in space

Learn about "Buran"- the first spaceplane to be developed as part of the Soviet space program
"Vostok" Rocket Ship


Marvel at the typical Stalinist Architecture of VDNKh, constructed on the eve of WWII

Find out what famous monument was dismantled in VDNKh in 1951

Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Monument

Admire the "Worker and Kolkhoz Women" statue - a combination of Art Deco and Socialist Realist styles

Discover what ancient Greek statues inspired the creation of this notable sculpture
"Worker and Kolkhoz Woman" Monument

Druzhba Narodov fountain

Take a picture next to the "Druzhba Narodov" fountain

Find out what does each statue of the fountain symbolize and why
"Druzhba Narodov" fountain
Our guests love us
A great and informative tour from the moment the friendly guide picked me up at the hotel. He had lots to tell about Moscow and the sights - a great insight into life. As there is not much explanation in English at the Space Museum, it was great to have someone to show me around. A local is always the way to go! Highly recommend!
Excellent guide, well informed. Great tour
A fantastic tour of the cosmos, with an exceptional guide. The guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Well worth it.
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