Russia in World War II with Victory Park and Museum Private Tour

World War II – the greatest war that our planet has ever seen has an enormous amount of myths and unknown facts associated with it. This tour through Victory Park and Poklonnaya Hill will take you on a journey to show you how WWII changed Russia (Soviet Union), influenced its history and how it continues to effect Russian politics and society today.
Russia in World War II with Victory Park and Museum Private Tour
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Adults (age 15-99)
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* The Victory Museum is closed on Mondays
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Duration: 4 hours
Tour highlights
Moscow Metro
Travel by metro and find out what role the metro played in World War II.

Visit the deepest metro station in Moscow and one of the deepest in the world – Park Pobedy.
Victory Park
Visit one of the highest spots in Moscow and take a picture on the Poklonnaya Hill.

Admire the Victory Memorial - the tallest monument in Moscow.
Victory Museum
Go inside the largest War Museum in Russia covering the entire history of the Great Patriotic War.

Learn first hand about the Second World War through more than 50,000 exhibits.
Hall of Fame
Admire the magnitude of the main exhibit of the Victory Museum.

Learn about the significance of the highest distinction in the Soviet Union – "Hero of the Soviet Union."
Hall of the Generals
Discover who were the major generals that made the critical decisions during World War II.

Visit the "Hall of Memory and Sorrow" dedicated to over 26 million of Soviet Citizens who lost their lives in the War.
3D Reconstructions
Imagine yourself in the midst of a battle of Stalingrad and on the streets of blockaded Leningrad with life size 3D reconstructions.

Storm the Reichstag along with your Soviet comrades.
Museum of War Machines
Explore the most significant military equipment used by both the Allies and the Axis.

See the famous Soviet Katyusha Rocket Launcher and T-34 tank that werewere fundamental in defeating the Nazis.
Ships and Planes of WW II
Take a picture next to fighter warplanes and battle-hardened ships including the British war plane "Hawker Hurricane" and the Soviet torpedo boat.

See the railway gun built from the sunken battleship "Imperatritsa Mariya."
Monument to the Victims of Fascism
Pay your respect to the millions of people who lost their lives during the War.

Pass by the memorial Synagogue, Mosque and Orthodox Church to honor the lives lost by people of different origins.
Triumphal Arch
After the tour you will gain a much better understanding of the intricacies of the greatest War that humanity has ever seen and that fundamentally it is the strive of the people and their beliefs that win wars rather than machines.
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