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Moscow Places Loved by Locals Private Tour

Your second walking day in Moscow: the city through the eyes of locals
Moscow Places Loved by Locals Private Tour
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Old Arbat Street

Start your second day in Moscow in the famous pedestrian street Arbat - one of the oldest streets of the Russian capital. Along all the history of the street it was populated by numerous craftsmen which professions gave names to its cozy side streets. Then it became a brownstone district where Russian great writers and poets lived at different times: Pushkin, Gogol, Tolstoy, Chekhov. In the 20th century Arbat street got under close observation by the KGB as it was a state highway along which Stalin's motorcade rushed right to the Kremlin. Today it is a cultural area with numerous street artists, musicians and actors. By walking in Arbat street you will discover Moscow from a new angle.
Cathedrals Square in Kremlin

Foreign Ministry Skyscraper

Stand at the feet of one of seven skyscrapers built after the Second world war and feel its splendour. These towers were erected by order of Stalin so they are usually called Stalin's seven sisters. Your guide will tell you a funny story about the creation of the Foreign ministry's peak and explain what the life was like in one of the most closed-off countries in the world.
Cathedrals Square in Kremlin

The Monument to Pushkin and his Wife

Take a photo at the monument to the greatest Russian poet and writer Alexandre Pushkin and his wife Natalya Goncharova that stands just in front of their apartments where they spent 3 happy months after their wedding. Hear a story about his life, genius and tragic death. Ask your guide for advice what to read to get known to the Pushkin's works.
Cathedrals Square in Kremlin

The House with Knights

The pedestrian street of Arbat takes more than 1 km and in the middle of it you will find a very unusual building that looks like a huge medieval castle with statues of two knights. It was erected in the early 20th century before the Great October revolution, its interiors were richly decorated with marble, stain glasses and huge mirrors. The house had big luxurious apartments that later, in the Soviet times, turned to communal flats. Your guide will tell you what the life was like when up to 7 workers' families shared one living space.
Cathedrals Square in Kremlin

Arbat Gate Square

Finish your walking along Arbat street at the square where one of the oldest operating cinemas in the world is situated. All film premieres of the Soviet Union took place in the «Khudojestvenniy». Along all its history the cinema has been a center for numerous cultural events in Russia and these days is mostly popular among young people for its night movie screenings. At that square you can also find the vestibule to one of the first metro stations built in Moscow in 1935. This vestibule has a form of a star if you look at it from above.
Nikolskaya Street

Gogol Boulevard

Head to the Boulevard ring of Moscow which was created at the site of fortification walls which protected the city in the 16-17th centuries. The idea to set out boulevards was borrowed by Russian empress Catherine the Great from Paris in the 18th century. At that boulevard you will find a monument to the famous Russian writer Nikolai Gogol and learn about his life and death full of mysteries. Walk along the boulevard and find a very unusual sculpture with horses' heads which is consecrated to the Soviet writer Mikhail Sholokhov who was awarded with the Nobel Prize in literature in 1965.
Nikolskaya Street

Pushkin museum of Fine Arts (outside)

Turn to the left to the museum quarter to see the biggest museum of Fine Arts in Moscow containing around 700 000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, applied works, photographs and archeological objects. It was created as an educational and training establishment for artists and art students in 1912. That's why you can see there replicas of the Parthenon and Michelangelo's David under one roof. The museum also contains a precious collection of Egyptian archeological items including mummies. Painting lovers will surely appreciate a rich collection of masterpieces by world famous artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Renoir, Picasso, Matisse, Deyneka and many others.
Nikolskaya Street

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Marvel at the main cathedral of all Russia that was built in the 19th century to celebrate the victory of the Russian people over the invincible army of Napoleon. Hear some legends associated with this holy site. Fancy that in the 1930s it was blown up during the anti religious campaign and later an open-air swimming pool appeared there. Today's cathedral is a copy of the first temple and can contain 10 000 faithful.
Lubyanka Square

«Red October» Island

Cross the Moskva river over the Patriarch bridge to the confectionery factory «Red October» dating back to 1851. It produced candies of all varieties for the royal family and later created the legendary Soviet chocolate bar «Alionka». Your guide will take you to a factory candy shop to acquire the taste of the Russian childhood.
Lubyanka Square

Monument to Peter I

Look at the huge monument to the greatest reformer of Russia Peter I. He was the first Russian emperor who, as we say, opened a window to Europe, got the access to the Baltic Sea, founded Saint-Petersburg and changed the royal court fashion. Hear a ridiculous story about the creation of this monument and learn who was meant to be the initial recipient of it.
Lubyanka Square

Muzeon Art Park

Have you seen much statues to Soviet leaders around Moscow? Likely not, and the reason is that they were all dismantled after the breakup of the Soviet Union and stored in the Muzeon art park. Today it is the biggest open-air exhibition of more than 800 sculptures made by Soviet artists. You will find there Stalin, numerous Lenins, eminent persons of the Soviet ruling upper circles and some symbols of the Soviet Union.
Lubyanka Square

Gorky Park

Finish your walking tour at the historic Gorky park - the biggest recreation area in Moscow where more than 100 000 Muscovites come at weekends. You will enter it through the magnificent gate and walk along flower beds. There you can have a lunch, rent a bike or take a boat ride along Moskva river.
Lubyanka Square
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Oleg was a terrific guide. We visited central Moscow and I learned a great deal about architecture and Russian history I am a professional historian and I learned a great deal. It was nice to get a sense of the center of the city. Perfect for a first time visitor.
I requested a short tour of Kremlin complex as I was with my 12 yo son, and kids get bored quickly with history. Oleg, our guide picked us up from hotel on time. Oleg was energetic, friendly, and eager to show and explain about his city. We enjoyed our tour with him, and recommend using his services.
I had a marvellous tour. The guide arrived bang on time, spoke perfect English, showed me the fascinating sights of this wonderful city, and made the day so very memorable. The guide clearly knows his subject and feeds interesting insights at every turn. Money very well spent. Thank you – I enjoyed it.
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