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Izmailovo Estate, Vodka Museum and Flea Market private tour

Duration: 4 hours
The Izmailovo tour is a great combination of Russian history, architecture, cuisine and crafts. Along with your guide take a journey through time - start from the ruins of the medieval royal court then cross the bridge to the colorful walls of the citadel and see the craftsmen refining their art at a vast market place. At the end of your tour let your guide help you bargain for a unique souvenir at one of the biggest Moscow flea markets.

Izmailovo Estate, Vodka Museum and Flea Market Private Tour

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Tour highlights

Izmailovo district

Travel by metro to Izmailovo district where years ago royal farmlands and gardens thrived.

Arrive to an island on Silver-Grape pond to discover the remnants of the old royal court of Izmailovo.
Izmailovo district

Old Royal Citadel

Explore the medieval gates and towers once part of a walled citadel constructed by Alexey Mikhaylovich.

Find out how Peter the Great, born in a landlocked country, discovered a life-long passion for ship making.
Old Royal Citadel

New Izmailovo Kremlin

Cross the bridge and reach the colourful walls of the new Izmailovo Kremlin.

Travel back in time and find out what the tsar's court might have looked like before it was touched by oblivion and decay. See the highest wooden church in Russia and learn how it was built.
New Izmailovo Kremlin

Vodka Museum

Visit the "Vodka Museum" to learn more about the legendary Russian drink and take a shot to feel the vibe!

Get a taste of the Russian sense of humor: see seven kilos 'drinking medal' introduced by Peter the Great as a 'reward' to drunkards and find out what a 'penalty shot' means.
Vodka Museum

Izmailovo Flea Market (mainly open on weekends)

Walk along the flea market and find a unique Russian souvenir while your guide helps you bargain for the best price.

Choose between woolen shawls, hand-made matryoshkas, paintings, original soviet posters, vintage clothes, antiques and much more.
Izmailovo Flea Market

Russian Cuisine (at own expense)

Get a taste of traditional Russian cuisine.

Try the beet soup (aka borsch), crepes with red caviar, Russian salads, various pies, tea from samovar and other typical delicacies.
Russian Cuisine
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Customer Reviews about Izmailovo Kremlin
  • Thoroughly recommend this tour especially the vintage section- take your time to really go through the stalls and you will be sure to take home some precious memories and trinkets. I was very tempted to buy a Samovar but I did buy an amber ring and brooch. I would definitely return on my next holiday to Russia. The Walks with Folks guide also accompanied me to a tea house that was gorgeous and quaint with lovely food and drinks for sale.
  • This store is a MUST do/see while you are visiting Moscow!! The market is full of different vendors that offer a different things like matryoshka dolls, old Soviet souvenirs, food, and objects made of wood—- and MUCH MORE!! The vodka museum is absolutely spectacular, and you will see a wooden church!! KPYTO! My tour guide, Yulia, was very friendly, well spoken, knowledgeable, and very personable. She knows this tour like the back of her hand, and I recommend her for this tour!!!
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