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The food culture in Moscow has gone a long way from the Soviet diners and post-communist cheap cafe's. Today, Moscow has become one of the most prominent cities in Eastern Europe where new urban street food has emerged as one of the cities attractions. Below are a few of the most notable Moscow markets.

Danilovsky Market

This is Danilovsky Market was a pioneer in becoming one of Moscow's hippest and trendiest markets as it was one of the first ones to be renovated from an old Soviet-era structure to a chick hang-out spot. This impressive building constructed in during the "prime years" of the Communist regime underwent renovations in 2011 and major renovations in 2016. The market changed significantly as the developers added convenient navigation around the market, children's room, tasting area and even a bookcrossing area. In addition, Danilovsky's new market management significantly improved the conditions for small farmers and small private businesses on the premises.

The market also began to sell pretty exotic foods (at least for this part of the world) ranging from lobster and dragon fruit, to avocados the size of melons. Nevertheless the market still continues to provide regular foods as well - potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers etc.

Apart from all this freshness and goodness, in the summers there's a more than pleasant outdoor terrace where you can savor something from one of the many ethnic food stalls that call Danilovsky their home.

Usachevsky Market

The history of Usachevsky Market dates back to 1932, when it was just a few street markets.

In 2016 this market got a complete revamp and became the hotspot for foodies of the Khamovniki district who come here to try out little eateries serving Spanish, Georgian, Italian, Uzbek, Israeli and various other cuisinies, as well as shops representing different Russian farmers and producers. Tourists who manage to discover this hidden gem can delight their taste buds with Kamchatka crab and bring back some black caviar for their family and friends back home.

The stylish red brick and wooden exterior, colorful smoothie in hand, is an exceptional experience. You could visit the market regularly as there are cool events on almost every weekend.

DEPO Belorusskaya

An old tram depot in the center of Moscow has become the city's latest foodie haven.

Depo Food Mall, which opened last month near Belorussky Station, houses more than 200 stalls, shops and restaurants serving food from all over the world. It continues Moscow's food revolution that started when the Soviet-era Daniilovsky Market got a hipster makeover a few years ago. It added artisanal cheeses and sausages to fruit and vegetable stands in the center of the round space and let restaurants and cafes move in all along the walls. This combination of market and restaurants was an instant hit and is the model for this new food mall.

Vietnam, Italy, China, Mexico and Israel are just some of the cuisines visitors can sample at Depo. Once your senses get used to the enticing smells and bright signs, make sure to explore each aisle to appreciate the sheer gastronomic variety on offer.
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