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Private Tour of Peterhof Palace And Park from Saint Petersburg

Visit the most renowned Russian Imperial Estate. See the Grand Fountain Cascade, Lower Gardens, Upper Gardens and the Grand Palace on a tour of Peterhof – also known as "Russian Versailles". Along with a personal guide, explore masterpieces of landscape design with over 150 fountains.
Private Tour of Peterhof Palace and Park from Saint Petersburg
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Duration: 5 hours
Tour highlights

Scenic Drive

Get picked up by our guide and take a scenic drive to Peterhof – "Russian Versailles."

On the road learn the history of Peterhof and why Peter the Great decided to construct it.
Ride to Peterhof

Upper Gardens

Start your tour in the French style Upper Gardens and discover why originally Peter the Great planted vegetables here.

Find out the interesting story of the fountain of Neptune and what does it have to do with the "Peace of Westphalia" Treaty.
Peterhof Upper Gardens

Peterhof Grand Palace

Go inside the Grand Palace constructed by the famous Italian architect Francesco Rastrelli.

Visit the numerous chambers and halls dedicated to the Russian Imperial victories in various wars.
Peterhof Grand Palace

Grand Cascade

Marvel at one of the most extensive waterworks of the Baroque period.

Take a picture next to the Golden Statue of Samson that represents Russia's victory over Sweden in the Great Northern War.
Grand Cascade on Peterhof Private Tour

Roman Fountains

Walk along the colorful flowerbeds and see the famous Roman and Chessboard Hill Fountains.

Learn why the fountains are called Roman and what is the story behind their design..
Roman Fountains on Peterhof Private Tour

Adam and Eve Fountains

See the monuments dedicated to "Adam" and "Eve" and learn why they are significant to Peterhof.

Continue strolling around the Lower gardens and be charmed by the original 18th century appearance of the park.
Adam and Eve Fountains on Peterhof Private Tour

Monplaisir Palace (outside)

Discover why Peter the Great did not use the Grand Palace and constructed a smaller palace called "Monplaisir" (fr. mon plaisir - "my delight") where he lived together with his family.

Learn why it was so important for Peter the Great to surpass Chateau de Marly constructed by Louis XIV.
Monplaisir Palace Peterhof Private Tour

Trick Fountains

Be careful around the "trick fountains" that can get you quite wet.

Find out why these fountains where the absolute favorite of Peter the Great.
Trick Fountains on Peterhof Private Tour

Boat Ride

Relax as the comfortable Hydrofoil takes you back to the center of St.Petersburg, while you enjoy the spectacular views of the Neva River.
Boat Ride to Peterhof
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